Real Men Love Cats

Traditional wisdom has it that dogs are for men and cats are for women. That's way too simplistic though -men can be cat lovers too!


Will Cats Take Over the World?

Are cats as innocent as they look? This video suggests that these sneaky felines might actually be plotting world domination!



Cat Games

Playing with cats is important for their health and well being. It’s also fun for you! If you’re not sure how to go about it, check out:

How to Play With Your Cat

If you’re inspired to get more high tech when it comes to cat games, the video below shows some cat games that involve laser pointers and other tools.


Hairless Cats

When most people think of cats, they think of cuddly animals that are soft and fuzzy. There are, however, several breeds of hairless cats. As this article indicates, there are at least six such breeds:

6 Strange Breeds of Hairless Cats

Be sure to check out the truly bizarre looking Elf Cat! The best known breed of hairless cat is probably the Sphynx.

Here is more information on hairless cats:


Big Cats

Cute video taken at a big cat rescue center featuring tigers.


Cats Posting on Instagram?

Cats posting on Instagram? Apparently this is actually a thing, or soon will be. A company called Whiskas Australia has created something called Catstacam, a camera that cats wear and run around with -and photos are automatically posted to Instagram. This is apparently still in the beta stage, but it seems doable given the current state of camera technology. See video and pictures at this link:

Whiskas Australia Tests Out a Wearable Camera for Cats That Automatically Posts Pictures to Instagram


Cats and Babies

This video highlights some funny and heartwarming footage of cats and babies playing together. Recommended if you need something to make you smile or de-stress!


Taylor Swift: Cats Owe Me $40 Million

Taylor Swift recently posted an Instagram Photo of a scratch that one of her cats allegedly (innocent until proven guilty, right?) inflicted on her. This was shortly after the pop star had her legs insured for $40 million. So is she going to take the offender to court?

Taylor Swift's Cat Now Owes Her $40 Million

The following video shows Taylor Swift talking about her cats on the Kelly Michael Show, when she was apparently on better terms with them. Some pictures of these very cute cats are also shown.


Cat Playland

Playing with cats is very important for their health, as well as behavior. Many behavior problems occur when cats don't get enough physical activity. The video below shows someone who went overboard to make sure his cats had enough to do -by building them a complete playland! Even if you can't go to this extreme, make sure you give your cats enough exercise every day.


Wine For Cats?

We love cats as much as anybody at the Cat Video website, but we also have to recognize that some people get carried away when it comes to cats (the same is at least as true for dog owners -probably more so!). A case in point is the recent invention of wine for cats. This is now being sold in Japan.

This is a product that’s not really for cats as much as for cat owners who want to treat their feline companions like humans. This cat wine is supposedly for people who want to celebrate special occasions with their cats. One reason people love their pets so much is that these critters never judge them when they are behaving in a ridiculous manner! Hopefully this product is at least safe for cats.